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Fisher’s Discount StoreThe Fisher family has operated a successful dairy farm in northeast Parke County since 1977. In 2011, Joseph and Salome Fisher opened a small discount grocery store in their garage, three miles west of Lake Waveland. 

Fisher’s Discount & Bellmore Country StoreThe local demand was so strong for discount groceries that they opened a new, larger store on a separate drive from the dairy barn. This new store featured an eight door cooler and four door freezer. The store became so popular that it was again expanded in 2018 with much more shelf space, a twelve door cooler, eight door freezer and an additional walk-in cooler.

Bellmore Country StoreFisher’s Discount Store is open Monday through Saturday at 6492 E 850 N. You’ll find their store about three miles west of Waveland, Indiana. Travel north on 700 E to 850 N and then west about one half mile. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm, Tuesday and Friday open late until 8pm and Saturday 8am-5pm, closed on Sunday. 

2018 was a big year for Joseph and Salome. They purchased the old Bellmore Country Store to the south in Bellmore, Indiana. The original building had years ago housed a U.S. Post office along with other businesses. Following remodeling, it became the home of the new Bellmore Country Store and is located only nine minutes east of Rockville on State Road 36. Daniel Fisher manages the store and you’ll find groceries along with a deli with fresh sliced meats, cheese and homemade sandwiches. Stop by, get a bite to eat, and be delighted by this unique store.

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