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Sugar Valley Spirits Distillery, Parke County

Sugar Valley Spirits Distillery, Parke CountySugar Valley Spirits is the first and only distillery in Parke County, and we’re proud to deliver a true, local product. We handcraft our spirits in Indiana, but our dream to create quality rum for our friends and family was born in the sun-soaked isles of the Florida Keys. Our premier product is a Caribbean style white rum, but new products, along with tasting and tours, will be unveiled as we expand. Pick up your bottle at UP THE CREEK 1165 N SR 47 Marshall, Indiana Turkey Run Distillery Parke County, IN 765-597-2355 Sugarvalleyspirits.com

Sugar Valley Spirits Distillery, Parke County
Colten Lambermont

Sugar Valley Spirits founder, Colten Lambermont, was raised in Parke County and attended Turkey Run high school before earning his master’s degree at Indiana State University. Being the son of entrepreneurs, he knows the importance of strong, local business and the value it brings to a community. Sugar Valley Spirits Distillery, Parke CountyWe couple the flavor of home with the carefree spirit of the Florida coast for a mellow satisfying finish. Stop in at “Up The Creek” for your bottle of handcrafted rum and rum refreshments by Sugar Valley Spirits. Visit us on the web at sugarvalleyspirits.com.

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